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STC marmi milan: Expertise and services

The company STC Graniti, Marmi e Pietre was founded in 1996, an evolution of the experience gained by the founder as a marble worker in Milan since 1978.
We specialise in the production and installation of stone, granite and marble products for both private building projects and large-scale works.

Design studios particularly welcome our support which consists of a technical office, a workshop and a staff of installers, entirely internal. In all areas in which we operate, we distinguish ourselves for the competitiveness of the offer, punctuality in the execution, quality of materials and execution, the technical assistance provided both in the design and execution phases make STC Marmi the ideal partner for large construction companies, for technical offices, architects in search of quality materials and contractors.

An All-Inclusive Service

We carry out on-site surveys, working files and drawings for the installation of marble, granite and other precious materials, for both large companies for substantial jobs, and independent professionals for ad hoc tailor-made solutions, up to private individuals for small interventions.

Internal management and production of granite and marble.

The great strength of our company compared to other marble workers lies in the fact that the design, production and installation of the material take place within the company with directly hired personnel. Our highly qualified and experienced workers know how to work rock with the latest generation machinery, thus being able to assist and advise the customer in the best possible manner, before, during and after the project.

Custom-made solutions in stone and marble

The choice of materials for marble flooring and particular finishes may require an inspection of the slab in person.

We know how to satisfy even the most demanding customers, giving them the possibility to choose and view blocks and slabs in person.

You can see and touch the materials

We welcome visitors directly to the quarry or warehouse, thanks to a long-standing partnership with the major quarries and sawmills on the global market.

We work as marble workers in Milan and wherever it is necessary to follow the large works, always keeping contact with customers and their most immediate needs alive.





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