Forniamo marmo per le imprese e Generale Contractor ⋆ STC Marmi
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Marble for companies

Supplies of marble for companies and large projects

We are proud to be the ideal partner for General Contractors. Companies collaborate with us for reliability and a complete service: free estimates, site surveys, design of stonework and construction details, choice of material and construction of the work. Subsequently, our skilled employees take care of the assembly and treatment until the completion of the project.

We offer marble supply services for companies that deal with the construction of large works, ensuring speed and punctuality in the delivery of the material and compliance with deadlines. Request in our office the material of the colour you prefer, among many types of marble and finishes that we provide.

We are specialized not only in the laying of marble floors and refined wall coverings for small projects, but also for large orders. We work the marble slabs on site or at our premises.

We are committed to always maintaining the delivery within the agreed times

Marble works for companies and general contractors

Below are just a few of our most prominent supplies:

  • Alitalia Etihad Expo pavilion
  • Expo Village
  • City Life residences
  • Cantinassa Juventus Stadium
  • San Gerardo hospital in Monza.

We have created internal and external finishes for large projects in Italy and abroad. We therefore know how to support General Contractors also for orders to be carried out outside national borders.

We supply marble for companies that carry out large works

Installation of marble

A staff of installers with exclusive partnership are at the customer’s service to lay the marble in internal and external locations.

Selection of marble and stone in person

We carry out a careful selection of the marble. Thanks to the ten-year collaboration with quarries and sawmills on the global market, we welcome visitors who want to see the products in person.

Marble machining workshop

Our team of specialized craftsman knows how to work the materials thanks to the latest generation equipment used.

Technical department

We provide our team of technicians to carefully follow all phases of the construction site:

  • On-site survey of the situation
  • Constructional design – Sizing of the slabs, expansion joints, anchoring supports etc.

STC marmi, pietra e graniti offers you a wide selection of marble to view in person. We take care of transport and installation, design and machining, with our direct employees.


Do you need to develop a drawing of the marble finishes for your order?

Would you like to receive a cost estimate, to better envisage the best finish?

We routinely take care of this with no commitment to designers and planners.

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