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Marble, granite and stone processing

We use all materials of nature

We have always been involved in the processing of marble and any type of natural stone.
In addition to marble, we deal with granite, sandstone, quartzite, onyx, and travertine.
We also work with quartz and ceramic agglomerates which as synthetics possess excellent technical qualities and design practicality.

Among our skills, we create marble works for both interiors and exteriors

  • floor and wall coverings
  • marble bathrooms
  • marble stairs
  • marble fireplaces
  • marble tables and furnishing accessories
  • marble thresholds and sills
  • marble kitchen tops

Among some of the special processes are

  • lamps and design elements
  • lightweight marble elements
  • backlit marble elements
  • sculptures
  • solid elements such as fountains, benches, bathtubs or architectural elements
  • open book wall coverings

Our production process includes

Our production process includes

  • saw cutting of the marble,
  • drying or prevention of the repair or the masking,
  • hardening,
  • marble smoothing,
  • marble polishing, storage

Disponendo di strumenti all’avanguardia come software 3D dedicati e centri di lavoro a controllo numerico di ultima generazione, si può ottenere ogni tipo di marmo lavorato e sagomato.

Il granito e  il marmo bianco di Carrara possono dar vita a splendidi effetti grazie agli intarsi.

Possiamo anche realizzare pavimenti in marmo a macchia aperta, lavorati scavati e lucidati dal blocco pieno, assemblaggi di precisione assoluta e retroilluminazione delle lastre.

Nella nostra azienda si lavora il marmo con una vasta gamma di colori, con piastrelle che si possono adattare a qualsiasi tipo di arredamento o contesto urbano.

From the design to the installation of the marble

We carry out all the processes in the factory in Via Monviso, Bareggio, in the province of Milan: from design to finishing. Our staff is qualified to perform the installation in a workmanlike manner.

Hotel Principe di Piemonte

The marble slabs will add a timeless visual impact.

In addition to the available colour variations, the differences in the appearance of the veins distinguish each type of marble from another.
The choice is vast and thanks to the advice of our technicians, available on request, the marble slabs will add a timeless visual impact.


Carrara marble. Generally white, grey or blue, and it is typically used in the sculpture and furnishing of buildings. Its grain is more linear and usually small and fine or soft and feathery.

Statuario marble. It has a uniform background and light grey tones with distinctive and more dramatic veins.

Crema Marfil marble. The more well-known tones have a light beige or yellowish colour with uniform backgrounds and irregular veins.

Calacatta marble.  Similar but rarer than Carrara marble, it is considered a luxury stone and has dark veins on a light background.

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